20 Reasons for an Earth Sheltered Home

1) THE ENVIRONMENT: The need to protect and preserve the environment is becoming increasingly important. Energy conservation, sustainability, natural heating and cooling from the earth create a valuable 60-80% savings over that of fossil fuel.

2) LIMITED VISUAL IMPACT: Blending with nature, the earth sheltered dwelling design preserves the character of the land around it and it becomes an intricate part of the surrounding landscape, promoting rather than disturbing the surrounding environment.

3)  ABUNDANT NATURAL LIGHT:  When people think about earth sheltered dwellings the first thing that comes to mind is “it’s a dark, damp, dreary space.” You have a real surprise coming. The design, through floor to ceiling insulated windows, skylight tunnels, and open air atrium glass entry and the narrow design of the dwelling will allow more natural light than a conventional built dwelling.

4)  EARTH HOME:  Due to the fact that the earth cover is an insulation, there is more comfort year round. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter.

5)  ECOLOGICALLY SOUND/AESTHETICALLY PLEASING: Earth sheltered design is the best for overall strength, beauty, views, energy efficiency, sustainability and compatibility of living with the surrounding landscape and environment—Not on top of it.

6)  LONGEVITY:  The design is primarily all concrete, insulated glass, stone finishes, stainless steel and natural materials. The potential of these materials used will offer a lifespan of well over 100 years.

7)  LOW TO NO MAINTENANCE:  This is one of the biggest reasons for the design over conventional dwellings. No need for a new roof, siding, trim, painting, and the rest of the beating Mother Nature provides. Less money spent in the area means more money and time for yourself and family.

8)  ENERGY EFFICIENCY:  The dwelling is supplied with active solar system with lifetime battery backup for electrical storage. It also has a solar hot water circulation system with storage and a separate solar system to maintain the swimming pool. In addition, there is an 80% plus savings on the forced air management system for cooling, heating, air filtration and built-in humidifier. The sliding glass doors and windows are dual glazed for maximum efficiency and the earth cover around and over the dwelling creates a maximum insulation value to the entire structure.

9)  THERMOLOGICALLY ADVANCED DESIGN:  The built-in forced air climate system will eliminate possible sweating walls, mildew, and mold growth. Stale air and any trace of radon expelled from the air changes from the system are eliminated as well.

10) CONCRETE ENGINEERING BUILT:  This is a big part of the design. I call the exterior walls of this project, “the super structure shell.” It’s engineered and insulated to allow for large open spans; floor to ceiling insulated frameless glass sliding doors, huge living quarters, guest rooms, baths, closets and maximum storage areas.

11) INCREASED PROPERTY SPACE:  Because the dwelling is built within the environment, the roof becomes increased property space for landscape, lawns, gardens, and family fun.

12) SUPERIOR VIEWS:  The earth design is all about the maximum “views” from within each room, not the surrounding neighbors’ properties.

13) STORM ROOF:  Unlike conventional dwellings, hurricanes, driving rain, and any storm conditions that exist will not affect the earth sheltered design. The ceiling of the exterior overhang has an auto hurricane shutter system that rolls down to cover the entire exterior of all glass walls. The surrounding earth cover and the landscape protect the rest of the design.

14) FIRE RESISTANT:  Reinforced concrete with earth cover, glass, stone, stainless steel are the majority of materials. With an auto fire system at hand, the dwelling offers the finest fire protection available. It also would qualify for less homeowner insurance costs.

15) SECURITY SYSTEM:  The design will incorporate a high security motion system and with fewer ways of entry for possible intruders.

16) PROTECTION NUCLEAR FALLOUT:  Concrete and earth are two of the most effective radiation shields available to the general public.

17) TERMITE PROOF: The sealed concrete and glass design say “goodbye” to insects and exterminator bills.

18) WATERPROOF/SOUNDPROOF:  With the concrete “super structure shell” design the dwelling is waterproof with bentonite (sustainable, natural, waterproofing clay) and drainage system as needed. It has a lifetime warranty for leaks. The earth covered concrete walls and the dual glazed glass create a “soundproof” extreme privacy interior from the surrounding exterior elements.

19) DECAY/ROT PROOF:  The dwelling design/build with concrete, glass, stone, and maintenance-free materials protect it from any decay or rot. “Maintenance-Free” exterior.

20) VALUE EQUITY: The earth sheltered design, lower costs of use, low maintenance, maximum energy efficiency, sustainability and smart common sense building will increase the value equity growth above conventional built dwellings.


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