Kauai is one of the most sought after locations in the world to live full and part time. Just a short drive around the island brings the amazement of the beauty, tranquility, and phenomenal views that exist everywhere you look.

Before now, potential buyers of real estate have been able to buy the typical conventionally-built dwellings on Kauai and throughout the outer islands. Your choices are those that are built to last a short time before the punishing elements of Mother Nature create the much needed maintenance that’s sure to come. Mold, mildew, water damage, dry rot, termites, salt air, destroyed roofs, fascia, siding, decking, and window trim to name a few. A new paint job every five to seven years, plus a possible hurricane will help increase the added costs of what will be the biggest investment you are about to make.

In the past eighteen years, my building experience on Kauai has led me in a different direction. I want to design and build dwellings that accomplish several things that conventional dwellings don’t. First and most obvious is to design a dwelling that is built within the surrounding environment instead of on top of the land, where it’s subjected to the punishing elements of Mother Nature. The surrounding landscape will then play an integral part in order to enhance the needed aesthetics. Another important feature is that the design will create a dwelling with an abundance of “positive energy,” more than it can possibly use.

All of the advancements in building techniques and materials, as well as a combined forty years in the construction industry has taken me to a higher level, giving me the ability to design a new style of dwelling (from an ancient concept). I have spent nearly two years on this designer dwelling, incorporating high end custom touches for the potential buyer who demands the private, comfortable, secure extreme lifestyle on Kauai, with the utmost importance of any design being “the view.”

It’s all about spending a good portion of your investment creating the optimum amount of energy efficiency, sustainability, comfort, privacy, security, and maintenance freedom that is in sync with the outdoor surrounding environment. One of the most interesting things I’ve learned in my many years of building is that people “live on the inside of their dwellings and view out, instead of living on the outside and viewing in.” Kitchens, great rooms/living/dining space, and bedrooms/bath areas are the main focus of design and use. The rest pretty much hangs alone. Those other areas are a bonus to the design which also share the incredible views brought about through the entire design of the project.

On my web pages I have listed what I feel to be the better choices now and in the future. Also included are a sample floor plan (5700 sq ft), an artist’s rendering, a sectional view, and a list of its features.

If you are interested in this project, if I can help with another design and build, or if you’d simply like more information to start, please feel free to contact me.

Steven M. Martin, Creative Earth Sheltered Designs© 2011

Kauai, HI

(808) 651-7370


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